Is this statement made in 2007 still true?

In his book 'The Evaluation and Optimization of Trading Strategies' published in 2007 Robert Pardo makes the following statement "I do not believe that a systematic strat- egy has yet been created that equals, let alone exceeds, the performance of the greatest discretionary traders." He then goes on to define "the greatest discretionary traders/investors mentioning […]

Podcast · Interview with former-HFT, Dave Lauer

Hey all, Aaron Fifield here—host of the Chat With Traders podcast. For this weeks episode, I interviewed Dave Lauer. Dave is a former-high frequency trader for firms such as Citadel and Allston Trading. Following the Flash Crash, he left this line of work, and is now regarded as a market structure and best execution expert. […]


I checked out Robinhood's website and they do not serve Canadians. Does anybody know of a Robinhood style app for Canadians? Also, when looking at a stock, it gives you an indication of how much it has dropped or risen since market open, usually followed by a percentage. How is this percentage calculated? Submitted August […]