Livin’ DaVita Loca? $DVA

Key Stats for Davita Inc It's one of those Healthcare companies that's indispensible to its clients, delivering kidney dialysis services. But should it be an indispensible part of your portfolio? Ticker DVA Sector Healthcare Facilities & Services Latest price $55.16 Value $11,413M Daily vol $140M Date 31 October 2016 Useful Links Latest news from Yahoo […]

Question from a new investor

Keeping this really informal, but I've been lurking here and on the discord channel for a lil bit. So basically I threw some money in the stock market and it worked alright till I tried to play with sub $10 stocks and I lost a lot of money, at the time I was busy so […]

Dont be afraid of decay [LABD]

It seems like people have been trading 3x etfs and people who lose money on them try and scare people away with decay talk. While decay is a thing it is really only an issue in a sideways market. And although the spy has been sideways the biotech bubble is and will collapse. I'm setting […]

SGBY enters purchase agreement with Green Style Consulting/Analytics

SGBY enters purchase agreement with Green Style Consulting/Analytics – First California Lab! On October 26, 2016, the Company entered in to an Asset Purchase Agreement with Green Style Consulting, LLC. Effective, November 1, 2016, the company will own all assets of Green Style Consulting, LLC d/b/a Green Style Analytics, including 1,300 client names, analytical testing […]