Why is CARA on the decline?

Buy the rumor sell the news. Done that for pre election and post. Bought shares around 6 and sold half of them for 12. Basically sitting on free shares now. I don't quite understand the current decline the stock is having. Is there something I missed? Buy? Sell? Hold? Any thoughts and perspectives? Submitted November […]

Portfolio Recommendations [Wanted]

I am new to investing and recently bought my first few stocks. I plan on keeping this stocks for around a year before collecting any potential profits. I currently own: MEET at 5.00, SWHC at 23.25, NKE at 50.00, FB at 120.00 I am looking into buying: V at 77, AMZN at 730, GOOGL at […]

Electrical Engineering applications

Hi, Not sure if this is better posted here or on r/quant but I am wondering if there are any resources on EE applications to finance or HFT. I have read some books such as Flash Boys and they discuss EE applications, specifically the creation of the actual lines and hardware. I am looking for […]