Suggestions for podcasts, Twitter accounts to follow

Anyone have any ideas?

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Its getting close to investing in Brick and Mortar Stocks again…

Some retail stocks are getting hit ridiculously hard:

Target, Walmart, ect.

These are quality names. Sure the boarder tax is scary. Sure online is stealing some sales. But come on. This is totally overboard.

I see great value in Retail right now. Now don't go putting 100% in Retail or buy on margin. This may take several months to stabilize and maybe a year or two to yield profit. But these valuations are just plain ridiculous.

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Gold and Oil Guru –

About a year ago, I found myself thinking about how I can invest the hard earned money I've earned. As we have all done, naturally I decided to look into the stock market.

As you can imagine, its taken a lot of trial and error to figure out what is actually going on. After a year of researching different strategies, I finally came up with a strategy that is working for me trading gold and oil.

Check out the site below. I send out summary updates multiple times a week! Sign up form is in the individual post.

Website: Today's Summary –

Would be happy to hear your feedback! Let me know if you have any questions!

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Legal advice concerning Robinhood

So I'm a US expat living in Spain and I've been using the Robinhood app by listing my folks address back in the states as my residence, (which on all official documentation it is). However, I'm also a dual citizen of Spain and pay taxes here. My question is am I setting myself up for legal trouble by buying and trading stocks on Robinhood currently?

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Daily Stock Discussion – 03/01/2017

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Expected Earnings Reports

Symbol Name EPS Estimate When
ABCD Cambium Learning Group Inc N/A After Market Close
ACNB ACNB Corp N/A Time Not Supplied
ADVM Adverum Biotechnologies Inc -0.3 Time Not Supplied
AEO American Eagle Outfitters Inc 0.38 Before Market Open
AGEN Agenus Inc -0.3 Before Market Open
AIMT Aimmune Therapeutics Inc -0.47 After Market Close
AJX Great Ajax Corp 0.53 4:00 pm ET
AKRX Akorn Inc 0.57 Before Market Open
ALG Alamo Group Inc 0.89 After Market Close
ALIM Alimera Sciences Inc -0.07 After Market Close
ANW Aegean Marine Petroleum Network Inc 0.39 After Market Close
ATAX America First Multifamily Investors LP 0.06 After Market Close
ATRA Atara Biotherapeutics Inc -0.98 Time Not Supplied
AVGO Broadcom Ltd 3.46 After Market Close
BBY Best Buy Co Inc 1.67 Before Market Open
BFS Saul Centers Inc N/A After Market Close
BITA Bitauto Holdings Ltd 0.07 Before Market Open
BMCH BMC Stock Holdings Inc 0.21 Before Market Open
BOX Box Inc -0.14 After Market Close
BUFF Blue Buffalo Pet Products Inc 0.18 After Market Close
CCRN Cross Country Healthcare Inc 0.22 After Market Close
CDXS Codexis Inc -0.11 After Market Close
CIX CompX International Inc N/A After Market Close
CNFR Conifer Holdings Inc -0.07 After Market Close
CODI Compass Diversified Holdings 0.47 After Market Close
CORE Core-Mark Holding Company Inc 0.47 Before Market Open
CORR CorEnergy Infrastructure Trust Inc 0.67 After Market Close
CPIX Cumberland Pharmaceuticals Inc N/A After Market Close
CROX Crocs Inc -0.35 Before Market Open
CWST Casella Waste Systems Inc -0.07 After Market Close
CYTX Cytori Therapeutics Inc -0.23 After Market Close
DCI Donaldson Company Inc 0.31 Time Not Supplied
DIN DineEquity Inc 1.37 Before Market Open
DLTR Dollar Tree Inc 1.32 Before Market Open
DY Dycom Industries Inc 0.69 After Market Close
EDGW Edgewater Technology Inc 0.03 Before Market Open
EGRX Eagle Pharmaceuticals Inc 2.86 Before Market Open
ENG ENGlobal Corp N/A Before Market Open
ENT Global Eagle Entertainment Inc -0.08 After Market Close
EPE EP Energy Corp 0.2 After Market Close
EVEP EV Energy Partners LP -0.17 Before Market Open
EYES Second Sight Medical Products Inc -0.17 After Market Close
FATE Fate Therapeutics Inc -0.29 Time Not Supplied
FELP Foresight Energy LP 0 Before Market Open
FGEN FibroGen Inc -0.53 After Market Close
FOLD Amicus Therapeutics Inc -0.33 Before Market Open
FOR Forestar Group Inc 0.12 After Market Close
FOXF Fox Factory Holding Corp 0.3 After Market Close
FSIC FS Investment Corp 0.25 After Market Close
GEF Greif Inc 0.5 After Market Close
GERN Geron Corp -0.06 After Market Close
GKOS Glaukos Corp 0 After Market Close
GNCMA General Communication Inc -0.08 After Market Close
GNK Genco Shipping & Trading Ltd -0.86 After Market Close
GORO Gold Resource Corp N/A Time Not Supplied
GTE Gran Tierra Energy Inc 0 Before Market Open
GTN Gray Television Inc 0.5 Before Market Open
GTXI GTX Inc -0.57 Before Market Open
GTY Getty Realty Corp 0.25 After Market Close
HBP Huttig Building Products Inc N/A Time Not Supplied
HCCI Heritage-Crystal Clean Inc 0.21 After Market Close
HDSN Hudson Technologies Inc -0.05 After Market Close
HIIQ Health Insurance Innovations Inc 0.18 After Market Close
HPT Hospitality Properties Trust 0.32 Before Market Open
HRI Herc Holdings Inc 0.27 Before Market Open
ICUI ICU Medical Inc 1.19 4:00 pm ET
IPXL Impax Laboratories Inc 0.16 Before Market Open
IRG Ignite Restaurant Group Inc -0.25 After Market Close
ISDR Issuer Direct Corp N/A After Market Close
ISNS Image Sensing Systems Inc N/A After Market Close
ITCI Intra-Cellular Therapies Inc -0.77 Before Market Open
JCAP Jernigan Capital Inc 0.54 After Market Close
JUNO Juno Therapeutics Inc -0.61 After Market Close
KERX Keryx Biopharmaceuticals Inc -0.25 Before Market Open
KIN Kindred Biosciences Inc -0.36 After Market Close
KNSL Kinsale Capital Group Inc 0.27 After Market Close
KOPN Kopin Corp -0.1 Before Market Open
KTWO K2M Group Holdings Inc -0.27 After Market Close
LINC Lincoln Educational Services Corp 0.08 Before Market Open
LOV Spark Networks Inc -0.01 After Market Close
LOW Lowe's Companies Inc 0.79 Before Market Open
LXP Lexington Realty Trust 0.08 Before Market Open
MACK Merrimack Pharmaceuticals Inc -0.21 Before Market Open
MBI MBIA Inc 0.11 After Market Close
MENT Mentor Graphics Corp 1.04 After Market Close
MNST Monster Beverage Corp 0.3 After Market Close
MOCO MOCON Inc N/A After Market Close
MYL Mylan NV 1.42 Before Market Open
MYRG MYR Group Inc 0.4 After Market Close
NC NACCO Industries Inc N/A After Market Close
NDLS Noodles & Co -0.06 After Market Close
NIHD NII Holdings Inc N/A Before Market Open
NKTR Nektar Therapeutics -0.26 After Market Close
NNBR NN Inc 0.35 After Market Close
NOG Northern Oil and Gas Inc 0.04 After Market Close
NSTG NanoString Technologies Inc -0.48 After Market Close
NVGS Navigator Holdings Ltd 0.06 After Market Close
OCRX Ocera Therapeutics Inc -0.34 Before Market Open
ODP Office Depot Inc 0.1 Before Market Open
OME Omega Protein Corp 0.37 After Market Close
OPK OPKO Health Inc -0.04 After Market Close
PCRX Pacira Pharmaceuticals Inc 0.01 Before Market Open
PDLI PDL BioPharma Inc 0.09 After Market Close
PEGI Pattern Energy Group Inc 0 Before Market Open
PEIX Pacific Ethanol Inc 0.21 After Market Close
PFMT Performant Financial Corp -0.04 After Market Close
PLNT Planet Fitness Inc 0.19 After Market Close
PMTS CPI Card Group Inc -0.02 After Market Close
PSTG Pure Storage Inc -0.08 After Market Close
RCMT R C M Technologies Inc N/A Time Not Supplied
REIS Reis Inc 0.03 Before Market Open
RTRX Retrophin Inc -0.26 After Market Close
RWC RELM Wireless Corp N/A After Market Close
SHAK Shake Shack Inc 0.09 After Market Close
SHLO Shiloh Industries Inc N/A Before Market Open
SNAK Inventure Foods Inc -0.04 After Market Close
SPOK Spok Holdings Inc N/A After Market Close
TDOC Teladoc Inc -0.35 After Market Close
TRC Tejon Ranch Co N/A Before Market Open
TRCO Tribune Media Co 0.92 Before Market Open
TREC Trecora Resources 0.06 After Market Close
TSL Trina Solar Ltd 0.13 Before Market Open
TTI Tetra Technologies Inc -0.11 Before Market Open
TWMC Trans World Entertainment Corp N/A Before Market Open
USPH U.S. Physical Therapy Inc 0.48 Before Market Open
VCYT Veracyte Inc -0.26 After Market Close
VEC Vectrus Inc 0.41 After Market Close
VGR Vector Group Ltd 0.17 Before Market Open
VSI Vitamin Shoppe Inc 0.4 Before Market Open
VSTM Verastem Inc -0.26 Time Not Supplied
WIN Windstream Holdings Inc -0.63 Before Market Open
WSR Whitestone REIT 0.07 After Market Close
WTI W&T Offshore Inc -0.13 After Market Close
XCO EXCO Resources Inc -0.04 After Market Close
XLRN Acceleron Pharma Inc -0.55 Before Market Open
XON Intrexon Corp -0.23 After Market Close
XRM Xerium Technologies Inc 0.14 After Market Close

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