How to lose 40% in just a few days

First you need to have a degree in finance and an MBA in it too. That way you feel like "okay, I think I can do this."

Next, log in to Reddit one day and stumble upon a subreddit where people argue over stocks that are absolutely doomed to fail once one Redditor hits submit on it.

Then follow the advice of those comments and sell out of your broad, cheap ETFs that were actually making money and into the first garbage stock you see that day. Like this

Then, once you are up 30%, hop out of it for a nice profit. Don't get too happy yet, go ahead and use the initial principle to buy back that same stock you just sold out of at a higher price after market because you don't want to miss out on the potential big money. Double down on that turd.

Once the stock cools off a bit, go ahead and take the gains you made from the first round and invest those into the dog shit stock like so:

Wait until the next morning when your shares are worth 30-40% less, and that nice 30% profit you made earlier has not only vanished, but you are now losing money.

Then go back to that same subreddit where you got the great advice the first time, panic on your stock, and sell and invest it in another one mentioned. Be sure though that before you buy it, it's already had an 80% run up recently before you get in.

Feel good that it goes up a bit after you invest, then it posts really strong earnings with good guidance. You probably should be feeling like "okay the first stock sucked, but this one might be a winner and get some money back." Then realize, you are a moron.

Then go cruising that subreddit again to see what next dopey pick someone suggests, and because you too are a moron, buy that stock at an all time high and wait until you lose the remaining 60%.

Submitted June 30, 2017 at 04:20PM by Shauncore


Stock data API

I've been doing some research to try to find an API that I can get data from (I'm okay with paying for it). I've been using to watch charts and love seeing the information they provide.

For a quick example I'm looking to be able to get data real time for lets say a 1 minute candle that has the volume it currently has, the price action (high, low, close) and the average volume overall. With tradingview if you pay for it (which I do) you can see all that in real time but obviously I would love to get all that information back through an API where I can use the JSON response as I please.

I've looked at a couple sites and seems like the best option as of now. However I don't have much experience with it so I'm going to do a trial.

I'm also looking for any other suggestions that anyone has so any help is appreciated!

Submitted June 30, 2017 at 04:29PM by Claud25

Thoughts on MU?

Micron was the worst performer in the S&P today, despite blowout earnings, higher than expected guidance, and 12 new analyst price target increases.

I'm holding, expecting it to go back next week after the earnings options expire and the tech selloff hopefully recovers. Is anyone else planning on holding this or do you expect it to continue falling? These price movements aren't making any sense and this seems like the most obvious "the market is irrational" lesson I've seen yet.

Submitted June 30, 2017 at 04:07PM by mikebarronsucks

Global REIT and Commodity ETFs

Hi all. I'm building a 55k Canadian TFSA portfolio (taxfree account). have decided on my equity allocations but am hoping to add global REIT and commodity exposure to have some real asset exposure.

Any recommendation on global REIT ETF(not just Canada) that aren't entirely US centric with low MER? I have been currently looking at REET(US listed, 50+ lower bp fee) and CGR (Canada listed)… any others?

As well, any recommendation on a widespread commodities ETF?

I'm fine purchasing either in USD on US markets

Appreciate all your help!

Submitted June 30, 2017 at 01:17PM by lilwiz311