How to lose 40% in just a few days

First you need to have a degree in finance and an MBA in it too. That way you feel like "okay, I think I can do this." Next, log in to Reddit one day and stumble upon a subreddit where people argue over stocks that are absolutely doomed to fail once one Redditor hits submit […]

Stock data API

I've been doing some research to try to find an API that I can get data from (I'm okay with paying for it). I've been using to watch charts and love seeing the information they provide. For a quick example I'm looking to be able to get data real time for lets say a […]

Thoughts on MU?

Micron was the worst performer in the S&P today, despite blowout earnings, higher than expected guidance, and 12 new analyst price target increases. I'm holding, expecting it to go back next week after the earnings options expire and the tech selloff hopefully recovers. Is anyone else planning on holding this or do you expect it […]

Global REIT and Commodity ETFs

Hi all. I'm building a 55k Canadian TFSA portfolio (taxfree account). have decided on my equity allocations but am hoping to add global REIT and commodity exposure to have some real asset exposure. Any recommendation on global REIT ETF(not just Canada) that aren't entirely US centric with low MER? I have been currently looking at […]