What’s the feel on AAXN? Newer company, very promising product, high volatility.

I'll preface by stating that I am new to Robinhood. I've been watching select markets for a while now, and have been doing research a long time on this topic.

AAXN however, is one I'm not able to get a read on. These guys are the go to choice for police body cameras, as well as data storage for police stations. Clearlry, they are going to do well. But with how new and volatile they are, I can't get a bead on what's projection, and what's conjecture.

If your comment is just going be to reference me to a resource to learn on my own, that is also very welcome! With how new I am to this, I'm very interested in all resources and opinions.

Submitted June 19, 2017 at 07:27AM by LiveAndDie
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