Implications for market reaction to another Healthcare Vote failure?

It is looking more and more unlikely that the GOP members in the Senate have the will to pass their version of the Healthcare bill presented by the House. The past few times the Healthcare bill has failed the market was not happy and dropped. If, purportedly, tax reform relies on the passage of the healthcare bill, then in all likely hood, should the bill fail AGAIN, we may see a significant pullback from the market. Thoughts on this, and please not any retard level shit. Some of you actually put together coherent arguments and put forth some well thought out logic once in a blue moon and I should expect nothing but shitpost responses considering the sub I am posting this to, but we all have a decent amount of $$$ riding in different positions, so just want to hear some thoughts about this bill and the prospects of it not passing.

Submitted July 10, 2017 at 09:29AM by thewhiterider256


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