Holding onto shares of a company that was bought out

I'm a rookie so bare with me.

In March Mobileye N.V. was acquired by Intel. I had and still have a little money in Mobileye N.V. I was sent documents to sell my shares back (as they were acquiring all outstanding shares) but never returned them because I only have like 68 dollars invested and lost the paperwork when I moved. I also use Divy to buy and sell and they are extremely incompetent about getting things done like getting me the paperwork again. The time to turn in the paperwork has ended. What happens if I don't sell my shares, since the time for the company to buy them has ended? Will they just lose their value as they won't be able to be sold?

Thanks ahead for any help.

Submitted July 10, 2017 at 04:28PM by reebokpumps
via http://ift.tt/2v5hPSh


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