$NAK ‘Play the News’ Opportunity


FYI I hold a position in NAK.

A 2014 rule in the Obama admin's clean water act held back the development of the pebble project. The EPA (under Pruitt) has announced that they will be lifting this measure, leading to the possible development of the pebble project on $NAK owned land. Although the EPA has given folks 90 days to voice their opinions on the matter, I wonder if $NAK will be able to secure a development partner as a result of this news.

While I am long $NAK, I believe that this pos will rise tomorrow morning based on this news, then likely fall as the day progresses. However, if a development partner is secured as a result of the news, I believe that the price will rise. Any news of a partnership would be a substantial development and would move the price up based on the fundamental belief that the mine will be developed.

Submitted July 11, 2017 at 10:14PM by bpinsky2
via http://ift.tt/2ugLHPf


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