Got a call from my broker today

Lied on my option level application to sell naked puts. Minimum requirement is 50k annual income. But your boy doesn't have a "real " job per say. Day trader wasn't an option on the application form. But I'm up 30Gs in just three weeks so I scaled it for the full year and reported my annual income as 210,000 dollars.

Anyways my bitch broker shoulda known I'm a trading savant, up 30Gs YAIII, and shoulda just given me my fucking level but tey called to confirm my income with me. So I told him to call me back. What do I do, do I tell him that I can easily make 50k a year or do I not call back and pretend this shit didn't happen. Thanks cheers

Btw I'm 21 and unemployed xD

Submitted July 13, 2017 at 12:18AM by whitebananas

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