What’s up with $BONT

I almost jumped on $3000 a few days ago and now it is up $150%. However it goes against my "no penny stocks" motto.

Serves me right.

Anyone know what's going on? Possible sale? Just insider trading?

To a competitor Bon-Ton is cheap and they have stores in over 20 states. Including Chicago, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, The Twin Cities and many other fair sized metropolitan cities.

Sears is far more expensive than Bon-Ton, Belk is more expensive too.

I don't know whether a Nordstorm or a Macy's would have the cash to buy Bon-Ton, or the desire. However if they are going to stay ahead of Amazon they have to continue to make moves in the market place somehow.


So I am completely speculating, but it would make sense if someone like a Nordstorm or Macy's wanted to expand their footprint. Bon Ton has 267 stores. Macy's has ~700 stores and Nordstorm has 349 stores.

The other, more radical possibility is Amazon. 267 stores in over 20 states, reaching the masses with brick and mortar stores. No matter how you try, you cannot replace actually trying on a pair of pants, a dress, etc. One pair of 34/32 jeans fits different than another. Brands are different. If they really want to dominate this arena, they'll need to have a place for shoppers to go.

Many of the Bon-Ton locations are near Amazon Warehouses already. Chicago/Illinois & Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky New Jersey.


160 locations near Amazon Fulfillment Centers. That’s a little over half. I mean, there are Amazon Fufillment centers all over the place. However considering this is a company that has an HQ in Milwaukee and a lot of locations in the Chicagoland area (where there are a lot of Amazon centers).

  • 26 in Wisconsin
  • 37 in Illinois
  • 14 in Indiana
  • 22 in Ohio
  • 34 in Pennsylvania
  • 3 in Kentucky
  • 2 in New Jersey
  • 2 in Maryland
  • 1 in Connecticut
  • 19 in New York

Anyway. I was just wondering if anyone heard any rumors.

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