If you’re new here, read this post first!

First, welcome to /r/stocks and congratulations on taking steps to better your financial future.

Before you make a post asking for advice or basic information, please consider these suggestions:

  1. Take a look through our wiki as a ton of info (or links leading to info) that people normally ask for can already be found there. This includes everything from the basics of what a stock is and how to buy stocks online to how to analyze a company as a potential investment.

  2. Join our chat room where basic questions can be answered instantly without the need to make a new post and wait for responses. With 70 users on during peak times, there is probably someone around to help you, though this is more likely during trading hours (9:30am – 4pm EDT).

  3. Use the search function as many questions you have were probably asked in the past.

After doing the above, we understand you may still have questions and will want help with your personal situation rather than simply reading about other people's situations. However, lately we've been receiving numerous low-quality posts along the lines of: "Hi. I'm new to stocks. How do I start?" Please note these types of posts may now be deleted without warning. With the very large and obvious links all around the subreddit directing users to the wiki, there is no reason anyone should be making these types of posts.

If you wish to make a post asking for guidance through the market/investing/stocks, please add detail about your current financial situation and the specific topics you need assistance with. Some questions that should be considered are: how old are you?, what is your income?, are you in debt?, what is your risk tolerance?, how many years of experience (or not) do you have?, how much capital will you be starting with?, do you have money in savings?, what topics have you read about and what do you still not understand?, are there any companies in particular you wish to invest in?, what kind of learning material are you interested in (e.g. books, articles, videos, websites)?, are you trying to generate an income from the market or just plan for retirement?, etc.

Generic posts do not give anyone insight into your personal situation and thus no meaningful advice can be given to you. As such, these posts will be deleted as they are of low quality and do not contribute to the subreddit.

tl;dr: If you would like people to put time into providing thorough advice for you, you need to put time into providing a thorough insight into your current situation. Generic, bare-bones, and low-effort posts will be removed.

You should also consider flairing your post as "Advice Request" or "Question" once posted so that it stands out to other users. Normally I flair all posts on my own when I can, but you can expedite the process by flairing your own post to make it more noticeable.

Submitted August 10, 2016 at 02:11AM by GoldenChrysus
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