Is this a good industry for a CPA?

I'm sorry if this is the wrong subreddit – if it is, can you direct me to a better one? I would just like to ask a serious question, and this seemed a decent place.

My husband is a public accountant tax manager (CPA). He has had some businesses express interest in luring him away from his current position, with some very lucrative offers.

To be honest, anything that could get him to work less hellish hours is FINE BY ME, and we live in a state where marijuana is legal.

My question: In the event of the Feds suddenly deciding to crack on the Cannabis industry, what's the likelihood they go after the CPA preparing and monitoring the taxes? Is that even a possibility?

Edit: Just realized this is Canadian subreddit, and we live in USA. I'll leave it here, just in case.

Submitted July 14, 2017 at 01:48PM by ToastedOkie

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