Electricity cost to grow a gram of cannabis

There has been a lot of discussion lately about low cost producing so I've looked into what the light costs might be for a closed system grow op versus a greenhouse grow. I would love if anyone with grow experience can weigh in on whether this is in the ballpark or not.

The gist: Here is what I've come up with (the background is below):

  1. For High Pressure Sodium & Metal Halide Grow lights the cost per gram I came up with is approximately 26 cents for Ontario and around 14.5 cents in Quebec.

  2. For LED lights I came up with 16.33 cents for Ontario and 9.04 cents for Quebec.

Obviously if you can get the same productivity out of LED lights that would be the way to go.

From what I've read the other electricity needs are about 75% of the cost of the lights (circulating fans, venting fans, water pumps, etc.). I figure that these other electrical costs would have to be consumed regardless of whether the plants are grown by the sun in a greenhouse or a closed loop grow op.

Based on these costs what do you think about growing by the sun in a greenhouse versus growing in a closed loop environment? Do these costs seem high or low to you? And more importantly have I buggered this up to the point that it is useless information. I'd really like to know if this is in any way reflective of the actual costs for an industrial grow op.

Assumptions: -An expert grower tries to achieve 1 gram of cannabis per watt of electricity. So I've assumed that an LP can get 1 gram of cannabis per watt. (Source: growweedeasy.com; verified with other sites)

-It takes 1,746kWh to grow the cannabis plants (vegetation stage = 41 days x 18 hours per day and the flowering stage = 84 days of 12 hours per day for a total of 1,746kWh…note that each strain requires a different number of hours, but this example is supposed to be a good rule of thumb for an average strain and there are different ways to do the flowering and vegetation stages that could add up to more or less as well)

-The only up to date utility rates I could quickly find were posted on Manitoba Hydro's website and list all the rates for each of the Provinces. These are household rates and I don't know how these rates differ at all from what an LP would expect to pay. I would think a large industrial user might get a break on price and would be interested if anyone knows this.

Based on these assumptions here is the calculation:

How to convert watts to kWh Watts to kilowatt-hour calculation formula The energy E in kilowatt-hour (kWh) is equal to the power P in watts (W), times the time period t in hours (hr) divided by 1000: E(kWh) = P(W) × t(hr) / 1000

  1. For High Pressure Sodium & Metal Halide Grow lights using a 300 watt bulb generating 300 grams of cannabis the calculation would be:

300 watts of light x 1,746 hours = 523,800 / 1000 = 523kWh

-In Ontario 523kWh x $0.1538 per kWh = $80 (to get 15.38 cents per kWh I took the 5000kWh cost of $769.58 divided by the 5,000kWh…see chart below)

So $80 in light electricity cost for 300 grams of cannabis would put the electricity cost per gram at $0.26 for the lights only ($80/300 grams = $0.26 per gram). Using the same formula the costs of the lights in Quebec would be 14.6 cents because Quebec has the lowest electricity rates in the country. I did Quebec and Ontario because they represent pretty much the high and low costs across the country with other Provinces except Nova Scotia coming in the middle of these.

For LED lights I came up with 16.33 cents for Ontario and 9.04 cents for Quebec. It's the same calculation with the only difference being that a 300 watt bulb equivalent only burns 185 watts so you may be able to get up to 40% in savings by using LEDs if what I just stated is correct (got it from growweedeasy.com)

Residential bill calculations One month bill for Cities 375 kWh 750 kWh 1,000 kWh 2,000 kWh 5,000 kWh Calgary AB1 $54.36 $88.77 $111.70 $203.44 $478.64 Edmonton AB2 $53.97 $84.62 $105.08 $186.84 $432.17 Halifax NS $66.33 $121.84 $158.83 $306.83 $750.83 Moncton NB $59.86 $98.93 $124.98 $229.18 $541.78 Montreal QC $33.60 $55.02 $72.26 $159.06 $419.46 Ottawa ON3 $70.96 $127.61 $165.37 $316.42 $769.58 Regina SK $67.56 $114.89 $146.45 $272.68 $651.37 Saskatoon SK $67.57 $114.92 $146.49 $272.76 $651.58 Saint John NB $51.90 $87.79 $111.71 $207.41 $494.51 St. John's NL $54.57 $93.61 $119.64 $223.75 $536.10 Vancouver BC $38.50 $74.40 $107.03 $237.54 $629.09 Winnipeg MB $36.34 $65.11 $84.29 $161.01 $391.17

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