Pattern Day Trading Question

So I have finally managed to get my account about 25k cash and I am a little nervous about making more frequent trades despite not being restricted to only 3 day trades in 5 business days.

Lets say that I make over 3 trades in a single day and I get flagged as a PTD. This will not be a problem because I have over 25k and can continue to day trade. If make a bad trade and my account is under 25k, I will be restricted from doing anymore trades for 90 days or until I add more money so my account is above 25k. Is this right?

Also, if I am flagged as a PTD and keep my account above 25k, can the PTD label be removed after waiting a 5 days without day trading because my allotted 3 day trades are refreshed? or will I continue to labeled as a PTD until 90 days without day trading?

Thanks for the help! I am worried that I'll be flagged as a PTD and won't be able to trade if my account goes under 25k since it was so hard to make it there.

Submitted July 14, 2017 at 07:30PM by PerpeLearner


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