Need help making an argument with my Dad

I'm debating with my dad on the strategy of his main retirement account. I'll post a snapshot, but here are the core points of disagreement:

Background: He is 50, financially stable, works when he needs to rather than for daily income. So the goal is to balance returns with risk..

A) On top of these stocks he is sitting on 25% cash (inside of his retirement account) waiting on "dips/corrections/ or as he calls plays" An example would be to jump in Defense/aerospace as soon as we bomb a country B) He has agreed to get out of IWN and just lump that money in with VTI… but I think he should do that with SPY as well C) He can't articulate why he has both VTI and VT other than it minimizes the international impact… my argument is that he could just take half of his VT and drop it back into VTI, then with the remaining 50% find a targeted international MF/ETF that has better returns. D) He likes QQQ to focus on tech out of the broader VTI and then like apple and amazon for long term single stocks… E) REIT's .. no argument from me F) Couple of single stocks he likes to play because his buddies told them they are solid..or he saw them on the news. =)

So what are your opinions? Am i offbase on the consolidation of IWN/SPY into VTI?

Submitted July 16, 2017 at 02:07PM by Nevertrusta_fart


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