TokenLot – Offering Live Support For Any Bitcoin/Crypto Related Questions! Let Us Help You With Your Get Your Feet Wet In The Digital Gold Rush!

We are TokenLot.

TokenLot is your ICO Superstore, making tokens available for purchase at anytime through our ICO Pre-Sale and Post-Sale service. We provide investors of all experience levels a platform to participate in any ICO.

We tried to make the website as streamlined and easy to use as possible. There is no need to sign up, or account creation. You simply chose the ICO you’d like to buy, hit the corresponding ‘Buy Now’ button, and input the amount of tokens you wish to purchase.

Customer support is our number one priority. We are quick to answer emails and are the only crypto company that has a phone number you can actually call for support. We just launched a live chat service helping customers with any crypto-related issues, from placing orders, setting up Bitcoin/Ethereum wallets, and where they can actually acquire their first Bitcoin.

Check us out:

Submitted July 16, 2017 at 12:03PM by TokenLot


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