Trading Software

Hello! I recently posted about this but I figured I would post again since this didn't get a lot of visibility. I am a programmer for a well known company in the midwest. In my freetime, I trade penny stocks like many of you do. Recently, I built software that will calculate your potential P/L based on where you plan to cut losses and take profits. It even considers commission. It also can calculate capital requirement for a trade as well as your exposure levels based on the % risk and % reward you are willing to take. I am selling lifetime licenses for only $10. Comment or PM me if youre interested. I accept Paypal. Thanks!

Here are the links to the YouTube demos of the features: Risk:Reward Calculator: Capital Requirement Calculator: Exposure Calculator:

All three calculators are in the same app; my screen recording software just didn't appreciate the three different windows forms so I had to make three videos.

Submitted July 16, 2017 at 12:19PM by ASilverSpartan


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