Why did $SHOP make this big fall two years ago?

I was analyzing some stocks and how they reacted before and after earnings and one of them was $SHOP. On its chart, and I'm using tradingview, I noticed that the stock started a big fall on 12th Oct 2015 from $37 down to $34, only to continue going downward until the day of earnings on 4th Nov 2015. Despite an estimates beat on that day, the fall trend continued until it hit what it seems to be a support level at ~ $20 before it started into an upward direction.

Thinking that it might be a general tech sector downtrend during that time, I actually didn't find other stocks (e.g. MSFT, NVDA) in the sector falling during the same period, but in fact they were going up especially after good earnings. My question is, why did $SHOP make that fall and losing 85% from the highest price? Was it because investors were in doubt about its potential earlier? Just trying to get a sense of it.

Submitted July 17, 2017 at 11:09AM by Fair_Trade
via http://ift.tt/2ty8Jwe


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