Earnings Watch List 7/18

Netflix announced earnings after hours and gained 10%, closing at $178.77. Companies announcing earnings premarket Tuesday are Bank of America, Harley Davidson, and Progressive Insurance: $BAC $HOG $PGR.

A few interesting small caps that have shown modest gains are $SNGX, $SHLD, $GRPN, $AVEO, and, $IMGN. Meanwhile, stocks like $TAHO, and $ATEN, have shown severe gap down in prices. Often, gap down are bought up quickly by traders taking advantage of those frantic to cut their losses. Although these opportunities occur, not always are the stocks worth dip buying as sell volume can overwhelm anyone going long.

Tech stocks $NVDA, $AMD, and $MU were trading sharply lower in premarket. Recent volatility in this sector has been attributed to the fall of cryptocurrency, Ethereum, as their graphics cards have become highly popular in the mining space. The fall in the price of Ether means that miners take home smaller profits. For many, this no longer justifies the costs of buying expensive hardware for the sole purpose of mining cryptocurrencies.

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