Following some weird-tasting GLH breadcrumbs…

I had previously looked into the new additions to the GLH board, and found that there was an unknown coming on board. The name is question is Gary Zipfel. Stick with me.

Gary (Zip Thegamer)'s city is listed as Grayslake, Illinois. We can doxx him nicely using his name alone, but this detail all but confirms that this is the same guy. He's a shadowy figure, to be sure.

His FB page states he used to be a software engineer for GETCO, an algorithmic trading and electronic marketing firm. He's been involved in Studio Z Investment LLC through which he invested in OpenBike due to launch in 2017. He's otherwise difficult to nail down. Other than that he contributed $4800 to the Democratic political cause back in 2009 while still employed at GETCO, and he used to live in Aurora, Illinois.

Now here's my actual proof. This most recent post by Chalice Farms on their FB page was liked by a Jeannine Zipfel. Jeannine's profile picture is of her and the GareBear, and of course he's all over her profile.

I have taken you down this rabbit hole basically to entertain myself, but also to point out the absurdity of life. How can this man now sit on the board of GLH? Also, I'm still bullish.

Submitted July 17, 2017 at 08:37PM by BeautifulLadies


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