Why would you want a mutual fund over an ETF?

I've read most of the common arguments, and the gist seems to be that ETFs allow more flexibility. Still, it seems to me that you could just treat ETFs like a mutual fund (buy and hold), and it will still be better.

Let's take Vanguard. Their ETF has an expense ratio of .05%, which rivals their Admiral funds. You can also buy their ETFs for a low price at most brokerages (or free if you have Vanguard), while buying a Mutual Fund can cost as much as 30$. I understand that for small amounts of money, you can buy fractions of MFs, but for any investor with at least $25k, ETFs seem like a no-brainer in all situations.

What am I missing? I am still new to this, and I would like someone to tell me why I'm wrong if I am. Thanks

Submitted August 09, 2017 at 11:17PM by clueless_dancer
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