Does anyone know of a video or step-by-step walktrough of someone picking a specific stock

I'm thinking of something like a video going from the very beginning – having the idea to look into something, like reading something in the news that sounds like an opportunity, through finding information about the sector to the last steps of picking one company over another. It's all well and good, reading advice on picking stocks, but it's often very general e.g. "Read the newspaper and pick a stock accordingly" or very narrow like "this is what P/E means". Those are both good things, but they rarely if ever have a specific scenario included, and it can be very hard to figure out how to put it all together.

I always fear that I've forgotten or overlooked something, so it would be nice to be able to have someone going through the entire process, and be able to use it as a sort of checklist.

Thank you for all the great content and discussion on this sub 🙂

Submitted August 11, 2017 at 03:41AM by OliverWM


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