Next profitable Market Segment during the NK stint.

*These are just my thoughts and opinions, I would like all input on where they think we should be looking to during this time. *

Even defense and aerospace stocks are struggling except the almighty LMT which took a loss yesterday as well. Defensive ETFs such as DFEN, PPA, ITA are taking loses.

This feels like more of a market-wide pullback that was created by fear among investors which was provoked by media and our own skepticism of the market getting to such all time highs and extended expansion.

What are your positions currently and what market segment do you thing will have the pop during this NK stint.

My holdings right now are: SRPT, FOSL, MU, AAOI. AAOI and MU are slight losses (didn't buy at ATH). SRPT and FOSL have gotten killed since earnings and I have a decent loss on each of those.

I owned and sold: SOXL, WTW and KORS after big earnings and left some money on the table with SOWL and WTW.

Submitted August 11, 2017 at 06:51AM by Weird-A


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