My wife keeps telling me I should quit stocks cuz they make me unhappy

But im happy when im unhappy. I just been this way lately aftet my brother commited suicide and I feel like its all my fault. He tried to tell me about his sad thoughts and my response was to try to give him some money. Now im startinh to realize that these wall street guys are a bunch of schemes, they dont care what they do to people so long as they make a profit out of it. I was slowly becoming one of these jerks, but my brothers death got me rethinking my lifestyle. I work on wall street too, but i mostly work with 3 of my good friends. We sort of work for morgan stanely, but we run out own fund within my small circle of buddies.

Idk what to do anymore. I can afford to retire and stop but like I said im happy when im unhappy. I love my job even though it gets me riled up.

Submitted August 13, 2017 at 09:01AM by coolguysufi


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