Need help diversifying my stock portfolio.

As of now roughly 43% of my stock is risk based with coal and uranium. Awesome, I love a good risk and really enjoy the thought of going nuclear! Although there may be a break through with renewable. What I am looking for should consist of a good yield of %4+, preferably a good conservative growth, no giant tech, and no mutual funds. This would also be retirement hold of 30+ years. Any dividend that is made will be part of DRIP.

I've seen some good ETFs from vanguard but its tough choosing which and I would rather at my age stick with straight stocks.

I've been looking at life insurance , Health insurgence(Edit: the insurgence of health), Retail, and other off wall ideas.

Go big or balance?

here are my list of holding

ACBFF 60 shares

AOBC 10 shares

ARLP 28 shares

CCJ 50 shares

NXE 40 shares

WMT 2 shares

Submitted August 12, 2017 at 07:52PM by Mr_McDriftwood


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