Question about start ups?

If i started a company is there a limit to how many shareholders it could have without going public or can i have an unlimited amount like could i go find 1000 random people on the street to invest $500 each to buy 10% of my company putting the valuation of my company at 5 million? or do i have to find a few angel investors? Also how do i keep control of my company is the board of directors the people that control a company? Can i be the only member of the board of directors for the whole lifetime of my company and if not if i owned 70% of stock and i had 7 people on my board myself being 1 of them can they force me to sell my stock? Also couldn't they just decide to sell themselves heaps of stock at a really low price diluting the value of my stock? If i want to keep all my stock possibly for ever and just make money off the dividends can i or even if i do eventually want to sell my stock can i wait until i want to sell instead of when the board or other share holders want me to?

Submitted August 13, 2017 at 03:41AM by gtrbb


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