Tip from a stranger: Buy BAC on Monday morning if the price doesn’t move. Reasoning inside.

Closing at $23.86 and ending after-hours trading at $23.87, BAC is a good bet.

The first of my arguments is easily my weakest. It more of a sailor looking at the sky and squinting and turning to his mate and saying it'll rain. I guess it's instinct.

If you check out their three month or even six month plan, you can see BAC flirts with $25, often getting to just pennies away, then drops a dollar. It does this time after time. The graph also shows that it rebounds up and gets higher each time.

The stronger argument, their previous earnings reports. Still recovering from the 2008-2009 recession, purchasing BAC stock is like buying that of a growing company. Obviously not as good having the growth be a recovery, but the price will climb as the company goes to its former glory. 10% higher net income and 12% higher eps than q2 of last year.

The strongest argument, in December of last year, interest rates have gone up. Being that loans make BAC a lot of money, a stronger payback per loan is something to thank the gods for.

Submitted August 13, 2017 at 04:41AM by MoneyMitosis
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