VISA is a solid buy right now because…

Hello! I've been reading up on investing and have seen the advice again and again that there are always deals to be found regardless of how the market looks. The problem for an amateur like me, of course, is identifying those deals. VISA is a stock that I have added to my long-term buy and hold wishlist (I did so back in March when it was at $153), but I am not sure how to evaluate at what price it is a good deal. Any suggestions, especially in terms of resources you use to make these kinds of informed decisions, would be much appreciated! I have read Buffet uses Value Line, although I wonder whether such an expensive platform is worth it for a small time would-be long term value investor like myself… Any experiences with this service (which has a lot of differently priced packages choose from!) and others would also be appreciated.

Submitted May 28, 2019 at 10:46AM by onzroad

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