Rant: This sub is full of bad advice and misinformed investors

First, let me say that this is not to attack the mods, who do a great job of maintaining decorum on this sub. But I have grown very frustrated with the amount of bad advice and misinformed investors on this sub. Unfortunately I was one of those stupid enough to follow some of the advice here and that has resulted in thousands of losses for me as well as missing hundreds of thousands of potential gains.

I'll give an example. PG&E. Everybody was screaming bankruptcy a few months ago, and was swearing off that they would be good as dead. Now, it's skyrocketing past $24 when only a few months ago it was $7. I was very close to purchasing $30k worth of shares at $7.3, but decided against it after I read the very strong opinions dissuading me on this sub.

Another example. Bitcoin. I can't count the number of times that morons on this sub have said that Bitcoin is "not an investment" and is a "bubble". Everyone knows it fell to $3k literally months ago. Now it's over $10k, and may never be below $10k again. I was again, extremely close to purchasing $20k worth of Bitcoin at $3k, but the very strong opinions and arguments against Bitcoin on this sub again disuaded me. Another huge missed opportunity.

I have literally missed out hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential gains because most of you guys are idiots who shouldn't be providing advice to vulnerable people like me. I am very frustrated with the constant amount of bad advice on this sub, and really any noobies reading the advice on here will be worse off. I seriously hope the mods will consider putting a huge disclaimer maybe on the sidebar saying that most advice here is total BS, and you are better off just looking elsewhere. Honestly, I have compared the advice here with /r/wallstreetbets, and even /r/wallstreetbets provides better analysis/advice if you look past their childish memes.

I am sorry if this post offended you, but I am just very angry at how many losses I have missed out because I stupidly followed the advice on this sub.

Submitted June 21, 2019 at 09:01PM by LiveNeedleworker8
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