How do I solve this error

When I run this code: def main(argv): period = 10 pair = "BTC_XMR" prices = [] currentMovingAverage = 0; lengthOfMA = 0 startTime = False endTime = False historicalData = False tradePlaced = False typeOfTrade = False dataDate = "" orderNumber = "" try: opts, args = getopt.getopt(argv,"hp:c:n:s:e:",["period=","currency=","points="]) except getopt.GetoptError: print (' -p <period length> […]

What would you do with access to a Bloomberg terminal?

At my work I have access to a Bloomberg terminal. I've been wanting to work on some quant projects but have been a bit underwhelmed by the vast amounts of data. So I'm asking, if you had access to a terminal what kind of quant research/projects would you undertake? Submitted June 26, 2017 at 10:35PM […]

Best (free) replacement to Yahoo! Finance?

u/IlyaKipnis and Joshua Ulrich have both written blog posts have written about Yahoo! Finance data being mangled badly, and rumor seems to have it that the data will not be repaired (and that we can blame Verizon for killing the remaining reason people go to Yahoo!), and I'm wondering what to use instead. I have […]