Noise Question: R in Crypto Market?

Hi and excuse the noise, the thread was archived. I recently began reading through Georgokopoulos's book "Quantitive Trading with R: Understanding Mathematical and Computation Tools from a Quants Perspective". I have a some familiarity with math and programming, and only a passing familiarity with economics/finance/statistics, but am expanding these knowledge bases consistently (math/CS student). I […]

Best source for end of day historical data of major indexes?

I need end of day historical data of major indexes like DJI, DAX, and FTSE, including at least following data for each day: high, low, close, volume. I tried the following sources: no data before 2000/2001. Yahoo Finance: DAX data has a lot of inconsistencies, FTSE data is not available. DJI is somewhat usable, […]