Snapchat(SNAP) recap thus far After reading the article above. I am not ready to invest in SNAP just yet!!! I see a pullback to about $9. Once smart money starts going in, I can see it getting back to TWTR ranges…$15-22 per share. Let me know if you agree!!! Submitted August 16, 2017 at 07:21AM by jeffjefferson3332 via […]

Suggestion for new quant on forex?

Hello! I'm new to quantitative forex trading. What I want to become is a real quant with rich expertise in Python and AI. I'm learning to quantify some forex strategies with Python while learning some Python's scientific modules like pandas and matplotlib. I'm not quite sure whether I'm on the right path. What else do […]

colocation or not.

I understand why most HFT use colocation for their operations, but do most algo trading companies ( family offices, prop trading firms and hedge funds. ) colocate their servers for trading if they are not worried about to much speed? I am planning on building and running my servers in house instead of colocating to […]