[Shitpost]Selling parts of your home off to investors

Home costs $500,000. Instead of taking out a$500,000 mortgage, what if the person took out a $400,000 mortgage and "sold" the remaining $100,000 balance in x10 $10,000 increments? Owners of those $10,000 instruments have a claim on the respective percentage of the house. Is there any organized method of doing something like this? Submitted December […]

Why hand pick stocks when SP500 is superior?

I asked a question here 2 days ago and received many appreciated responses. My question was, why is SP500 superior compared to selecting high dividend stocks (essentially thinking that DRIPPING high dividend yielders would make give better returns). The answer/general consensus was, over the long term (I believe somebody threw out 10 years) the SP500 […]

Why does this sub keep going private?

Seriously mods? Wtf. I love this subreddit more than anything. I have a constant trend of losing money in this bull market so I enjoy coming here to realize that other people are losing even more money than I am. It helps me regain some self-confidence Submitted December 13, 2017 at 05:01PM by itschrisolson via […]