MLHR’s Uniform Adjusted EPS’ is not projected to shrink, contrary to as-reported EPS projections, and at current valuations any growth would warrant material upside

MLHR’s profitability is materially distorted by accounting for operating leases and R&D As such, their UAFRS EPS’ is expected to grow to $0.84 in Q4 2017, and EPS’ over the next four quarters is expected to grow by 2%, not shrink At current valuations, markets are embedding expectations for 13% EPS’ shrinkage annually, which is […]

Amazon buying wholefoods a start in the right direction

With an industry wrought with a waste factor of 30 – 50%, the food industry will undergo a transformative change towards less waste. The old model of stocking the shelves with perishable goods will be a thing of the past. Another case of technology leading to the betterment of humanity. Submitted June 27, 2017 at […]

Questions about limit order

I'm quite new at this So basically what I understand from limit order is that for example a stock is at $10, and I can say I want to buy 100 stocks once the stock is $9. I got these questions about it; Will the limit order stay for unlimited time (unless it's a daytrade […]