I turn 18 in a couple months and want to get into investing. Where should I begin?

Turning 18 soon and I want to learn how to invest but really have no idea where to start. Any advice is helpful, thank you!

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Carillion share price plummet

I'm not sure if I have posted this in the right place, and if I have not then please remove this post or point me in the right direction of where I should be posting. The company I work for (carillion) has had it's share price drop heavily in the past few days from I think around £2.20 to 58p. What does this mean for the future of carillion. What would happen if the shares reached 0? Is that even possible? Is there a chance they could go bankrupt? Could I lose my job?


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CARA – Cara Therapeutics getting a nice bounce today +12%

CARA took a -40% dive earlier this month on news that their "oral osteoarthritis drug helped hip pain but failed to reduce knee discomfort."


The company quickly pointed out that drug is in early development in an attempt to calm the market.

Today we see the sellers easing off and buyers coming back in.

Anybody here follow this story? Whats your take?

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Smart Sand (SND) – Incredible Buying Opportunity

SND has the best fundamentals of its peer group. Stats: $74 million in cash with only $1.7 million in debt, a forward P/E less than 6, positive free cash flow by $27 million, triple digit revenue & earning growth, solid double digit profitability, an incredible PEG ratio of 0.16, and a Price/Book of only 1.78. SND should be trading no less than $15 per share. If the market continues to look past this gem which is both a Value & Growth play, I wouldn't be surprised to see them acquired because they are so under-priced. If there is a recovery in the oil sector, I believe SND more than doubles from its current price of $7.00 per share. I'm Long SND. Statistics: http://ift.tt/2t2rBrL

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Transfer $$ from mutual funds to index funds.

Hello everyone, i'm pretty new to the investment life and am in my mid 20s with a may be newbie question. First of all I want to say that I invested money into a mutual fund maybe 4 years ago and am at about 10k in. I've been doing a decent amount of research in investing with index funds, stocks etc. and I think index funds is the way to go for me, also I'd like to invest in some stocks soon. My question is that if my 10k is in a mutual fund,would it be wise to withdraw all of that and then put all of it into index funds or are the downsides too great? Also, I'm a student right now and yearly I don't make much but I have plenty saved for emergencies and investing, would this have significant negative affects during tax time to do this? Sorry for my long winded question(s). I've put this on /r investments as well and then I read some things about them in this community lol also i hope my question pertains to what this community is about, if not, im sorry … Thanks in advance 🙂

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AVEO Motley Fool Article is misleading.

ARTICLE: Here's Why AVEO Oncology Fell as Much as 12.7% Today http://ift.tt/2sOaGF0

Tomorrow will be a rough day for AVEO. I invested into this as hopes the drug will be approved in Europe which would cause a huge increase in share price. Today was a bit volatile but it's expected as shorts go through. People who are fairly new or don't do much research in the subject could be persuaded to sell and I think tomorrow it could drop 20% or more (I may even buy more once it drops a bit).

I would like to here other opinions as I am quite new to the market as well. I'm in healthcare so I find more stocks that I have some knowledge about and since I can search pubmed articles on drugs or such.


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The three major indices, NDX, SPX, and DJX, gained enough momentum to close mostly flat today. Overall, the NDX appears the most optimistic after this last month of consolidation in the markets which has greatly affected tech stocks Notably, retail brick and mortar companies have been struggling overall to maintain high levels of consumer demand with the market shifting towards online purchasing. Once largely popular clothing companies such as $ANF Abercrombie & Fitch have seen large gap downs in their share price as the company deals with losing market share to larger competitors. These struggles to retain market popularity is also apparent in auto part companies such as $AZO AutoZone and $ORLY. Lastly, $GNC has been trading near a bottom of $6 and a high of almost $10 for several months now


Large Cap $ARNA $CAG $ORLY $COST $K $KORS Read the full post at TopTickers.com

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