Be sure to set price to 4th decimal point

I tried out for the first time today. I did one purchase at an ask of .19, UST filled it at .194, a price higher than authorized. Since this was an ask not a limit I thought that may have been the issue.
I set a second limit purchase at .32, it was filled over .325.
If you plan to use, be sure to set prices out to 4th decimal point to ensure the limit you want is actually hit.
This only really applies to penny stocks, but I am starting out with $100 to see how UST does. Knowing that either through intentional action or bad code choices the 4th octet must be set is something I wish the tutorial videos would have covered when I watched them. Not a big deal, but small margins matter in penny stocks and I won't make the error again.

Submitted January 19, 2018 at 10:41AM by FuriouS76
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Liquidity issues? Has anyone experienced this.

At the beginning of the day a stock will be labeled as having possible liquidity issues. I still left it on my watchlist, when it was breaking out I pressed buy 50 shares at market and I got filled at a much higher price.

Has something like this happened to any of you guys. What are your thoughts? Still a great platform this has only happened once.

Submitted October 27, 2017 at 08:35PM by Alphabanna
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